Tooth Colored Fillings

Mercury-Free (White) Tooth Colored Fillings

By Dr. Terry Buday in Rochester Michigan

Many people believe fillings that contain mercury are potentially harmful to their health. Contemporary Smiles is happy to accommodate those people by offering mercury-free fillings!

We offer composite fillings that contain a tooth-colored material with zero mercury. Our patients can feel safe and taken care of whenever they need fillings. Some research has shown that mercury fillings, also known as silver amalgam fillings, are environmental hazards that may also linked to Alzheimer’s disease, kidney damage, brain damage, and multiple sclerosis. We do not ever want our patients to be fearful of our practice, and we are proud to help by providing mercury-free fillings. There could be many benefits to mercury free-fillings, and those benefits include:

  • Not having a toxic substance in your mouth
  • Having tooth-colored fillings that are not noticeable, unlike silver fillings
  • Having a filling with a high level of durability
  • Having a low chance of sensitivity to temperatures
  • Having a filling bonded to the enamel

If you are interested in a mercury-free dental filling in Rochester, Michigan, call Contemporary Smiles and consult with our dentists to see if this is something you can benefit from.

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